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Partner search during contract negotiations (R4SME-Ass): looking for an association

SME E-COMPASS project Consortium is urgently looking for an association that would be interested in joining an FP7 project which is currently under negotiations (the project will probably start in November 2013).

Content of the project is the development of two real-time applications that foster online security and promotes e-sales (developed by Fraunhofer, University of Malaga, etc.):

1. Real-time Anti-fraud “Software-as-a-Service” with the following components:
− a fully-functional web-based platform for order assessment,
− a reputation database exposing IPs, credit cards or other customer’s attributes related to chargebacks and identity theft.

2. Real-time data-mining “Software-as-a-Service” enabling SME merchants to foster their e-sales operations by analyzing data and events in real-time for online pricing optimization and real-time churn analysis and prediction


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