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Visual computing and virtual 3D worlds - research cooperation offered to public funding agencies, public institutions and companies



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Mon, Aug, 23, 2021


Sat, Aug, 20, 2022


A German research institute based in Munich, offers project support services, expert counselling and reviews on visual computing, which solves real-world problems in advance across many industries. Virtual 3D models provide clear insights into complex systems and provide economic benefits in e.g. urban planning or smart cities. Public funding agencies, public institutions and companies are sought for joint research cooperation.


The German research institute evaluates and optimizes technologies and processes within the scope of research proposals. The services contain project support services, research cooperation, expert counselling, qualified reviews and studies in the area of visual computing and visual reasoning.

Visual computing and visual reasoning can solve real-world problems in advance safely and efficiently. It is image- and model-based computer science. As an important method of analysis it can be easily reviewed, communicated and understood. Across many industries and disciplines, visual computing provides valuable solutions by providing clear insights into complex systems.

Visual Computing is a growth market of the future. According to Deloitte's latest Extended Reality Study in 2020, visual computing will generate EUR 530 million in revenue in Germany in 2024. Overall, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2024 will be an impressive 30 percent. A short-term negative effect from COVID-19 has already been taken into account in the calculations. Extended Reality (xR) technologies comprising Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) achieves sales of EUR 265 million in 2024 in the conservative base scenario. In the best case scenario, a market volume of EUR 820 million can even be achieved.

Visual Computing is a disruptive innovative technology. Today it only exists in a barely recognized market niche. But it has the potential to become a dominant market factor across many industries and disciplines. Therefore the institute follows and supports an interdisciplinary approach. An interdisciplinary process integrates insights from other disciplines that can boost innovation. As a small company, the institute is independent, flexible and highly agile.
The range of services offered by the research institute is aimed at project management agencies, public institutions and companies across many industries and disciplines.

- Project support services and expert counselling | The institute supports its clients in conceiving and planning virtual 3D worlds and offers project support services such as expert counselling.

- Research cooperation | In a partnership or a project collaboration the institute explores viable ways for mutual development of innovative ideas and research project proposals. The institute can build on a large international network of research partners from industry as well as research. The institute offers a wide range of expertise in visual computing sciences across many sectors. The USP of the institute is to use multi-disciplinary teams (e.g. architects, engineers and IT-specialists) for innovative solutions and to address innovation challenges in almost any industry sector. Currently the institute focuses on technology assessment, sustainability in urban planning and smart city solutions.

- Qualified expert reviews and studies | Throughout knowledge and experience the research institute supports its clients with custom-designed and qualified expert reviews and studies. For small and medium-sized enterprises without their own R&D department, the institute is a suitable partner with innovative know-how. The institute also offers evaluation tasks for technology assessment in sustainability, usability, user experience and user immersion for innovative applications.

The services mentioned above are performed using up-to-date visual computing and visual reasoning methods such as Extended Reality technologies comprising Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. These services are offered within the development of joint research projects or project proposals that deploy innovative interaction technologies.

The institute is looking for project management agencies, public institutions and companies, that are in need of expert opinions and consulting in the aforementioned areas. Potential partners may also suggest other application domains.

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GIS Geographical Information Systems;Serious Games;Visualisation, Virtual Reality;Information and media, society;Citizens participation

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All issues concerning intellectual property can be arranged in a seperate project agreement. Usually the expert opinions are issued according to the individual project agreement, mostly under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC-ND) license (

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Engineering and consulting services related to construction

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The research institute for visual computing is looking for three different types of project partners.

- Project funding agencies can be successfully supported by project support services and qualified expert counselling, analysis and reviews of project proposals.

- Public institutions can find help with recommendations for technology or process alternatives and solutions. Small- and medium-sized companies (SME's) can be offered project or process customized studies and project support services.

- Potential partners should have the resources to lead and coordinate a multinational research consortium, as is common in EU projects.

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