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Innovative technologies for medical devices



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Tue, Jul, 30, 2019


Sun, Jul, 19, 2020


Portuguese SME designs and develops products and projects (medical devices, physical and vestibular rehabilitation, physiotherapy, healthcare IoT, robotics and telemedicine). The SME is offering its know-how and technology that contribute to improving health and life quality to business partners (cooperation agreement with technical assistance) and is also interested in research collaborations under European projects (Horizon 2020, Eurostar’s, among others).


The main focus of the Portuguese SME is to develop innovative products in the biomedical and healthcare areas.
Its main areas of interest are the following:

- Monitoring and diagnostic devices
• Physical rehabilitation equipment (force, balance, movement and load transfer)
• Monitoring in hospital environment (location and vital signs)

- Telemedicine and Support for Clinical Decision (integration of telemedicine software into hospital hardware)

- Medical robots and haptic devices
• Robotic manipulation
• Real-time force feedback
• Using telemedicine for remote exams

- Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (algorithms for data analysis)

- Virtual and augmented reality (VR solutions for education and AR for task execution)

- Internet of things (IoT): patient care improvement (monitoring of the hospital environment and home appliances)

The Portuguese SME was founded in 2012. Its promoters have extended experience in R&D projects and are currently in an internationally expanding period.

The company develops projects and products in robotics, rehabilitation and physiotherapy areas, through design and development of medical devices with a high degree of innovation, functionality and applicability. It focuses mainly in instrumentation of several physical quantities, assuming itself as a reference entity in the development and innovation in these areas.

The company has experience and high-level knowledge in instrumentation, automation, acquisition systems, data processing and database, due to the various projects in which it is involved, supported by technicians with solid knowledge in the fields of mechanical, biomedical, electrical and computer science engineering.

The main goal of the company is to design, develop and implement medical devices, contributing significantly to building a healthier future for the society.

The SME is offering its know-how and technology to business partners and subcontractors who has interest in establishing a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company is also interested in collaborations under Horizon 2020 proposals or other international partnerships, by establishing a research cooperation agreement.

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Automation, Robotics Control Systems;Applications for Health;Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering;Sensors & Wireless products;Remote diagnostics

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Medical/health software;Artificial intelligence related software;Electromedical and medical equipment;Diagnostic equipment;Patient rehabilitation & training

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- Business partners and subcontractors, such as healthcare centres, hospitals, private clinics, patient associations, pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation centres and others. Manufacturers of medical devices looking for technological solutions to improve their products. The partners should be interested in establishing a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.

- Research cooperation agreement with research centres and other healthcare companies interested in collaborating in european projects: Horizon 2020, Eurostar’s, among others.

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