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La Red Basque Enterprise Europe Network pone a disposición de la PYME un servicio de búsqueda de socios en proyectos europeos.

  • Oferta de socios (método TOP-DOWN) En esta sección encontrarás ofertas de propuestas de Proyectos Europeos que buscan socios para sus propuestas de proyecto

  • Demanda de socios (método BOTTOM-UP) En esta sección podrás buscar socios para tu propuesta de proyectos, si necesitas un socio definido para tu proyecto sólo tienes que rellenar un formulario sencillo y podrás encontrar socios sin dificultades.
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Mobile phone as a money pocket for elderly people

BBS Ref : PS_2011_03_Ar

The project aims to create an integrated solution for the support of older people’s mobility related to leisure time, journeys, cultural visits and expenditures, thus preserving their independence and inclusion in the society. Elderly will be able to pay for services by using mobile recognition. The company is looking for a partner that could provide input for the system requirements and development and to test the solution among end-users, preferably a German bank or financial institution. The proposal will be submitted in the "Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme".

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Development of an innovative pillow lace machine

BBS Ref : ALPS_CCIAA_PS_2011_3

The aim of this project is to extend the performance of a traditional lace machine, increasing its productivity and reducing costs and noise. The proposal is to be submitted under CROSSTEXNET 2011 funding scheme.


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Offline programming for process automation and visualisation

BBS Ref : German research institute

A German research institute is looking for a SME to cooperate in a consortium of a present EU funded project. The project aims at developing a new laser supported arc welding process. The partner is expected to create a software module to support offline programming and process visualization of a CNC machine performing the above mentioned joining process. For that purpose the EU will provide the partner a funding to subcontract the research institute to complete the tasks the partner identifies.



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Building Sector Techonological Center looks for partner to join a consortium

BBS Ref : 20110322

A Spanish Technological Center offers services with a high technological value, scientific solutions and advice about R&D for enterprises to join consortiums to participate in 7FP and other European Programmes. This Technological Center has several specialized laboratories, as building material laboratories and energy, acoustics and bituminous mixtures laboratories.

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Specific know-how offer in membrane processes for collaborative R&D projects

BBS Ref : MemBrain

A Czech private research, engineering-technological company specialised in basic and applied research and other innovative activities in the field of membrane processes is looking for European collaborative R&D projects requiring its expertise. This organisation offers specific know-how which is a result of many implemented industrial applications and several national and international collaborative research projects.

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Molecular profiling platforms for understanding, diagnoses, and evaluation of treatments for rare diseases

BBS Ref : glabio-01-11

A German research institute is interested in joining a consortium that intends to prepare a project proposal for the 3rd joint call of the ERA-NET E-Rare-2 2011: "Transnational Research Projects on Rare Diseases"

It provides profiling platforms that can be used for studies to understand, diagnose and evaluate treatments for rare diseases.

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