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La Red Basque Enterprise Europe Network pone a disposición de la PYME un servicio de búsqueda de socios en proyectos europeos.

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H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 - Innovative and attractive French metropolis is searching partners notably interested in the field of sustainable alimentary supply for setting up novel urban food-chains

Topic: H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019     Fecha límite EoI: 30-09-2018

An innovative and attractive French public institution for inter-municipal cooperation is looking for a coordinator and other partners to answer Horizon 2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 call. The institution is searching municipalities or equal structures being experienced and applying novel practices in the domain of sustainable food-chains and food-systems. The scope of the project is to set-up an universally implementable model of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable food-system for cities.

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EUREKA – Korean partner sought to develop an eco-planner for energy-production efficiency in manufacturing industry 4.0

Topic: EUREKA    Fecha límite EoI: 03-08-2018

A Spanish company specialized in Information Technologies is developing a software suite addressed to optimize industrial production processes by enabling internal and external energy variables (energy costs prediction, energy flows per process, energy stored stocks, ...) to be considered the base for decision-taking. They look for a Korean partner to develop stationary energy recovery and/or storage solutions to participate in the project.

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EUREKA/Eurostars2: Development of a solar tracker controller

Topic: EUROSTARS2            Fecha límite EoI: 01-02-2018

A Korean SME specialized in network-based system construction is looking for partners to develop a non-central processing unit's solar tracking system. The potential partner is expected to have expertise in solar tracking controllers and solar plant planning.

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[EUROSTARS2] A Korean company is seeking R&D partners for developing low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaics

Topic: EUROSTARS2          Fecha límite EoI: 20/02-20/08-2018

A Korean SME specialized in developing nano-ball technology is preparing a project proposal under the EUROSTARS2 programme. The R&D project is about low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaics using semiconductor nanocrystals. Company or institute with expertise and experience in solar cell or quantum efficiency is welcomed to join the consortium for R&D collaboration.

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LC-EEB-02-2018: Building information modelling adapted to efficient renovation: Seeking for partner

Topic: H2020-LC-EEB-02-2018           Fecha límite EoI: 06-02-2018

A non-university research organisation from Germany sets up a proposal for "H2020 LC-EEB-02-2018 Building information modelling adapted to efficient renovation proposal." The project focuses on speeding up retrofitting Building Information Models (BIM) with collected data from existing buildings and integrating smart mobile devices for user-driven renovation approaches. The organisation looks for industrial partners, in particular for constructing/renovations companies for research cooperation.

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NMBP-22-18 Osteoarticular tissues regeneration (RIA): development and manufacturing of electrospun innovative devices

Topic: H2020-NMBP-22-18             Fecha límite EoI: 14-01-2018

A French SME provides contract R&D and manufacturing devices in the biomedical field and microtechnologies. Electrospinning allows the manufacturing of materials made of nano- and microfibers. Such materials can be used for regenerative medicine, drug delivery, filtration and coating metallic parts. The company is looking for partners to join a NMBP-22-2018 project where its electrospinning skills can be used to develop innovative medical materials. Coordinator and end-users are sought.

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