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La Comisión Europea valora como excelente la labor realizada por el consorcio vasco de la Enterprise Europe Network liderado por Grupo SPRI

EEN Euskadi facilita a las pymes, asesoramiento y oportunidades de negocio de la Unión Europea, en los procesos de transferencia de tecnológica y el acceso a los programas europeos de financiación de la I+D+i. Leer mas [+]

Ofertas y Demandas de Tecnología

German SME is looking for smart kitchen appliances for a robotic cooking kiosk

Demanda TRDE20200423001
A German SME is currently working on the prototype of the world's first robotic cooking kiosk for system catering, which prepares pasta dishes independently. To equip the kiosk and integrate the smart devices into the automation concept, partners from the kitchen appliance industry are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The company is also looking for partners from the robot tool industry for a technical cooperation in adapting devices to the requirements of the kiosk. Leer más...

A German metal and plant construction company is looking via research cooperation for a software technology to predict thermal processes and material flows in a reactor

Demanda TRDE20200316001
A German SME specialized in metal and plant engineering wants to design novel reactors. The team is developing an innovative pyrolysis reactor in the field of recycling management. The company is looking for experts in simulation of thermal process and pyrolysis to compare the technical developments with theoretic predictions. The partner should be able to simulate the thermal processes and the material flows in the heating and cooling layers. A research and/or technical cooperation is sought. Leer más...

Looking for testing method and/or equipment for measuring the temperature of a high voltage cable

Demanda TRGR20200408001
A Greek company, one of the largest producers in Europe, produces high voltage cables. The company seeks to determine the level of cable integrity by assessing their temperature under voltage. The company is looking for a technological solution to measure the temperature from 0 to 150°C of high voltage cables. Companies or laboratories are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement, depending on the level of preparation of the proposed solution. Leer más...

Portuguese SME is looking for connectable medical devices for IoT platform

Demanda TRPT20200508001
Portuguese SME, active in healthcare market acts in the following main activity areas: physical and vestibular rehabilitation, physiotherapy, healthcare IoT, robotics and telemedicine.The SME looks for medical device manufacturers and industry/research institutions that develop OEM healthcare IoT devices to integrate in a new platform that is being built to provide a quicker analysis on patients. Commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or services agreements are sought. Leer más...

COVID-19: Personal protective equipment reusable half-mask with an P3 exchangeable external filter made by mould-injection offered for a licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance

Oferta TOCZ20200430001
A Czech start-up in cooperation with industrial and university partners has developed a protective half-mask with an exchangeable P3 filter meeting the highest degree of protection. The set consists of the body of the mask manufactured by injection moulding and an external filter, which meets the same or higher degree of protection as an FFP3 respirator. The company is looking for a license or a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Leer más...

Next generation procurement optimisation platform for companies and governments

Oferta TOPT20200420001
A Portuguese start-up, with IT expertise in AI developed a procurement cloud based B2B platform for optimising and negotiating purchases, applicable in multiple sectors. It calculates the optimal solution for the best prices, quantities, discounts, buyer requirements and supplier constraints using AI to minimise purchasing costs, time, and complexity. They seek international commercial agreements with technical assistance, but are also interested in joint ventures, and financial agreements. Leer más...

Impermeable foils for food packaging with superior antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

Oferta TOSI20200507001
Slovenian researchers have developed an innovative method and device for synthesizing impermeable food packaging foil with minimized oxygen permeability and high antimicrobial/antioxidant properties. The invention can be used for packaging of food, medical, pharmaceutical and even textile items. Partners active in the fields of food, agricultural, medical and pharmaceutical industry specialized on producing packaging material are sought to sign license agreements in the EU and beyond. Leer más...

Ofertas y Demandas de Cooperación

Ref. BRPL20200526001 A Polish wine distributor is looking for non-alcoholic wine.

A well-established wine importer and distributor from Poland is looking for non-alcoholic wine producer to set up a long time cooperation. The Polish company would like to sign a distribution agreement with the producer from abroad.

Ref. BRUK20200527001 UK developer of an innovative component based modular building seeks manufacturing partners that specialise in plastic & aluminium thermoformed injection & extrusion moulding

This North West UK based SME specialising in innovative, outdoor, single storey buildings seeks a manufacturing partner to provide the components to create their modular residential, commercial and industrial modular buildings. They are seeking a manufacturing partner who can supply plastic and aluminium injection moulded components to specification through a manufacturing agreement.

Ref. BRUA20200526001 A Ukrainian company is requesting furniture under distribution services agreement

The Ukrainian SME experienced in the distribution of the furniture is seeking to increase its portfolio of products, mainly household furniture, made of natural wood. The company is willing to import new models of products, based on distribution services agreements.

Ref. BRDK20200219002Danish company seeks suppliers of innovative, high-quality wood pellet ovens and stoves, and bioethanol ovens

A Danish company operating as local sales representative / distribution platform for international suppliers targeting the building and construction industry is looking for new suppliers of high quality and CE-marked wood pellet ovens and/or stoves as well as bioethanol fueled ovens. This company offers access to the Danish and possibly also Scandinavian markets through a solid network of contractors as well as key resellers in the market(s), via a supplier agreement.

Búsqueda de socios I+D europea

Se busca pyme para el desarrollo, la optimización y la fabricación de celdas de combustible y electrolizadores comerciales usando nuevos electrocatalizadores y membranas

Deadline: 08-06-2020 El objetivo de la propuesta es el desarrollo, la optimización y la fabricación de celdas de combustible y electrolizadores comerciales usando nuevos electrocatalizadores y membranas. Se busca: empresa interesada en introducir este tipo de dispositivos en sus productos o procesos, y evaluar su eficiencia. El consorcio está compuesto por 1 socio de Rumania y 3 socios de Sudáfrica entre ellos una empresa. Más información y contacto: Judith De Prado

H2020-DT-2018-1: partners in the field of tissue manufacturing using bioprinting to apply to the call DIH-hero.

Deadline: 08-06-2020 A Spanish company, expert in electrospinning, is willing to develop a bioprinting equipment for tissue engineering integrating nanofiber manufacturing technologies with the usual ones in bioprinting. They are looking for a partner with experience in tissue manufacturing using bioprinting for applying to the call DIH-HERO (H2020-DT-2018-1). The partner sought should participate in the definition of the equipment specifications, the manufacturing process and in the validation. More info [+]

National & local police sought for a H2020 project aimed at empowering the fight against crime and terrorism through digitalization.

Deadline: 15-06-2020 A Spanish public university needs European State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs – Police) to complete a consortium for a H2020 project (call ID: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020), with the aim of integrating several digital technologies in one platform that will improve the fight against crime and terrorism. As end-users, LEAs involved will participate in defining the standard graphical notation, the system requisites and the testing scenarios. More info [+]

[EUROSTARS-EUREKA]: designer of ultra-thin tiles veneer looks for a developer using ultra-thin stones in building, transport or furniture and devices applications for research cooperation

Deadline: 30-06-2020 A Belgian SME has developed a process to manufacture ultra-thin tiles made of natural stone with high impact resistance. The goal of the project is to develop this innovative product until the commercialization stage.They look for a developer using ultra-thin stones in building, transport or furniture and devices applications to conclude the consortium and submit a Eurostars proposal. The deadline of the call is the 3rd September 2020. More info [+]

[EUROSTARS-EUREKA]: designer of ultra-thin tiles veneer looks for ultra-thin stone manufacturer

Deadline: 30-06-2020 A Belgian SME has developed a process to manufacture ultra-thin tiles made of natural stone with high impact resistance. The goal of the project is to develop this innovative product until the commercialization stage, currently at demonstration phase. The expertise sought is a ultra-thin stone manufacturer with an ambition to innovate to produce the testing samples for this research project. Research cooperation is envisaged under the Eurostars programme. Call deadline: 3rd September 2020. More info [+]

[EUROSTARS-EUREKA]: designer of natural stone veneer looks for free floating floor manufacturer

Deadline: 30-06-2020 A Belgian SME has developed a new process to manufacture a free-floating floor made of natural stones with a clip fixation system. The goal of the project is to develop this innovative floor until the commercialization stage. As coordinator, they look for a producer of free-floating floor system based on natural stone veneer to conclude the consortium and submit a Eurostars proposal. The deadline of the call is the 3rd September 2020. More info [+]



Sesenta millones de euros para los innovadores de Europa: El EIT lanza una iniciativa en respuesta

Como parte de los esfuerzos colectivos de la UE para afrontar la crisis del COVID-19, el Instituto Europeo de Innovación y Tecnología (EIT) anuncia el lanzamiento de la «Iniciativa del EIT en respuesta a la crisis» («EIT Crisis Response Initiative»). El consejo de administración del EIT ha decidido movilizar un fondo adicional de 60 millones de euros destinado a innovadores que desarrollen soluciones de alto impacto para afrontar este desafío económico y social sin precedentes.
Esta vía de financiación permitirá el lanzamiento de nuevos proyectos de innovación con los que abordar la crisis inmediata en el marco de los «Proyectos de respuesta a la pandemia» («Pandemic Response Projects») y apoyará a las empresas de nueva creación, empresas en expansión y pymes más innovadoras, que tan importantes son para lograr una rápida recuperación económica. Todas ellas se beneficiarán de estos fondos adicionales bajo el paraguas del «Instrumento de apoyo a empresas» («Venture Support Instrument»). Leer mas [+]


International Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting & Innovat&Match 2020

10-12 Junio 2020. Online

The first day (10th June) will be dedicated entirely to Cluster-to-Cluster matchmaking, whilst on the second and third day (11-12th June) a wider range of participants (companies, universities, research centres and clusters) will be taking part in 1:1 meetings within the framework of Innovat&Match 2020. Leer mas [+]

Encuentros tecnológicos sobre turbinas marinas flotantes (FOWT 2020)

(POSPUESTO) 7-9 septiembre 2020 Marsella

FOWT 2020: el evento más grande del mundo dedicado a la energía eólica marina flotante. El objetivo de FOWT es impulsar la utilización de turbinas marinas flotantes y acelerar su implantación como alternativa de energía renovable. Leer mas [+]

IndTech2020 - Industrial Technologies 2020: Transition to Sustainable Prosperity and EU Brokerage Event on KETs

26-28 octubre 2020, Mainz, Alemania

El Ministerio Federal de Educación e Investigación de Alemania y la entidad Project Management Jülich (PtJ), en colaboración con la Comisión Europea y la Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), organizan el evento "IndTech2020 - Industrial Technologies 2020: Transition to Sustainable Prosperity – and EU Brokerage Event on KETs" que tendrá lugar del 26 al 28 de octubre de 2020 en Mainz, Alemania, dentro de los actos de la Presidencia alema del Consejo de la Unión Europea Leer mas [+]


Ayudas Ihobe 2020: proyectos Ecoinnovación, Ecodiseño y Demostración en Economía Circular

Ihobe acaba de publicar las ayudas 2020 a proyectos Ecoinnovación, Ecodiseño y Demostración en Economía Circular. Leer mas [+]

La Comisión pone en marcha la Plataforma Preparados para el Futuro

El pasado 11 de mayo la Comisión Europea, en su objetivo por simplificar la legislación de la UE y reducir costes innecesarios, puso en marcha la plataforma “Preparados para el Futuro”. Plataforma que contribuirá a velar por que la legislación de la UE siga siendo adecuada en el futuro, dada la necesidad de hacer frente a nuevos retos, como la digitalización. Leer mas [+]

La Comisión Europea pone en marcha Galileo Green Lane, la app para informar sobre el estado de los pasos fronterizos a los transportistas

La Comisión Europea (CE) junto con la Agencia Europea de Navegación por Satélite (GSA) ha puesto en marcha “Galileo Green Lane”. Con el fin de dar respuesta a las directrices de la CE, que insta a garantizar el flujo de mercancías durante la crisis del COVID-19 gracias a los denominados “carriles verdes”, mediante los cuales los camiones no deben tardar más de 15 minutos en pasar los filtros y controles en las fronteras. Leer mas [+]

Novedades en el Acuerdo Comercial UE-México

En el pasado mes de abril, la Unión Europea y México ultimaron el último elemento pendiente en la negociación de su nuevo acuerdo comercial. Entre los aspectos que componen este nuevo acuerdo destacan: la apertura recíproca de los mercados de contratación pública, así como un alto nivel de previsibilidad y transparencia en los procesos de contratación pública. La totalidad del comercio de mercancías entre la UE y México estará prácticamente, exenta de derechos de aduanas y normas innovadoras sobre desarrollo sostenible, como el compromiso de aplicar el Acuerdo de París sobre el Cambio Climático. Elementos como la simplificación de los procedimientos aduaneros contribuirán a impulsar las exportaciones. Leer mas [+]

Legislación Europea

Apoyo para atenuar los riesgos de desempleo

Reglamento (UE) 2020/672 del Consejo de 19 de mayo de 2020 relativo a la creación de un instrumento europeo de apoyo temporal para atenuar los riesgos de desempleo en una emergencia (SURE) a raíz del brote de COVID‐19. Leer más [+]

Reembolso de viajes combinados

Recomendación (UE) 2020/648 de la Comisión de 13 de mayo de 2020 relativa a los bonos ofrecidos a los pasajeros y a los viajeros como alternativa al reembolso de viajes combinados y servicios de transporte cancelados en el contexto de la pandemia de COVID-19. Leer más [+]

Permiso de conducción

Directiva (UE) 2020/612 de la Comisión de 4 de mayo de 2020 por la que se modifica la Directiva 2006/126/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, sobre el permiso de conducción. Leer más [+]

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