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Ofertas y Demandas de Tecnología

TRDE20220405013 Cloud-based Dive Centre Management System developers sought.

A small SME from southern Germany has developed a software management solution, specifically tailored to the needs of dive centers, stores, surf schools, kite schools. It is cloud-based, can be operated on- and offline and is completely paperless and therefore resource efficient. The innovative system is available in many languages, and can be used worldwide. It is already on the market and the company is looking for software developers with skills in specific programming languages. More info [+]

TRNL20220421033 Circular waste process technology sought for the treatment of waste streams from waterways collected by carbon neutral water drone.

A Dutch SME, active in cleantech autonomous solutions, has developed a highly innovative technology to protect, clean and monitor waters with an data-driven autonomous surface vessel (ASV) in urban, rural, industrial and leisure environments. The SME would like to partner in a commercial agreement with technical assistance with companies that offer a circular solution, can (pick-up and) process the waste stream (plastics and/or biomass) collected from the waterways. More info [+]

TRPL20220426026 A Polish company specialised in automation, electrical engineering and industrial IT is looking for suppliers of hydrogen technologies.

A Polish company specialised in automation, electrical engineering and industrial IT is looking for suppliers of hydrogen technologies. The company is interested both in implementation and development of existing technologies on the basis of R&D cooperation. More info [+]

TRDE20220406019 Operating ships at berth with as few emissions as possible - German seaports are looking for innovative solutions, concepts and ideas

To support the path of decarbonization of shipping the nine largest German seaports are looking for innovative ideas, concepts and existing technology solutions beyond on-grid land-based power supply facilities. Focus is on innovation for zero emission at berth, but solutions may also contribute to reducing emissions while ships are at sea. More info [+]

TODE20220426022 A growing German SME offers an easy-to-use technology for haemostasis in emergency situations.

A scale-up company from North Eastern Germany developed a bio-compatible emergency wound dressing that can stop bleeding fast and that allows for a less traumatic follow up treatment. The research oriented company searches for project partners for technology transfer, licensing or advanced development of products for wound care, based on special composites. The cooperation is possible under research cooperation or licensing agreements or by commercial agreement with technical assistance. More info [+]

TONL20220421030 Carbon neutral, autonomous, marine drone to protect, clean and monitor waters offered for distribution.

A Dutch SME, active in cleantech autonomous solutions, has developed a highly innovative (award-winning) technology to protect, clean and monitor waters with a data-driven autonomous surface vessel (ASV) / aqua-drone. The carbon neutral aqua-drone can be used in urban, rural, industrial and leisure environments. The Dutch company offers a commercial agreement with technical assistance to potential distributors active within marine-, and water environments. More info [+]

TODE20220429008 Water and waste water engineering platform with the aim to minimize engineering time and costs and to improve water quality worldwide with automated creation of engineering and tender documents.

The German company has developed an online platform that helps plant constructors, plant operators, engineering firms, etc. to minimise their engineering costs while optimising planning quality and project duration. With this innovative engineering software, technical standards are digitised and high-quality planning documents are created for tenders or plant construction, which are used consistently throughout the entire course of the project for different user groups. More info [+]

TODK20220407006 Danish company offers business model for carbon capture.

A newly started Danish company has developed a business model, based on natural micro-algae organisms, and a highly compact and high-yield photobioreactor technology fitted into standard shipping containers to offer carbon capture as-a-service to industrial clients. More info [+]

Ofertas y Demandas de Cooperación

BRFR20220427032 French company offers distribution or commercial agency agreement to manufacturers of innovative and sustainable products eager to enter the French market

A French company specialized in the promotion and distribution of innovative and sustainable products seeks to expand its portfolio in different categories: home, kids, sports, garden. Other options will be checked as well.The company would like to establish a commercial agency or a distribution agreement with European manufacturers interested to expand their activities in France.

BOPL20220427028 A Poland based company, producing natural suplements for animals, is looking for distributors.

A Polish company producing natural supplements for animals has developed a line of its own products. The company offers high quality products for poultry, horses, cattle, flock, sheep, camels, pigeons and domestic pets. The company has its own, well established brand but also is active as a white label producer for different brands. The company would like to start cooperation with foreign distributors of its products.

BODE20220427027 Online marketplace for used production machinery – looking for machine dealers and auctioneers for commercial agreements

A German SME is active as operator of an online marketplace for used production machinery. The platform offers continuously approximately 130.000 machines for different branches. The platform offers 25 main categories as i. e. metal processing, woodprocessing. The SME is looking for foreign partners as machine dealers or auctioneers who want to have access to a broad range of used machinery or promote their auctions and used machines throughout Europe for commercial agreements.

BOPL20220427021 Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment seeks distributors in EU countries

A Polish company established in 2004 is specialized in manufacturing innovative agricultural machinery and technologies. The company is currently looking for major long term partners around the EU in order to distribute their products in the European market under distribution service agreement.

Búsqueda de socios I+D europea

German organisation is looking for research consortium or lead partner for implementing co-funded action plans for interconnection of innovation ecosystems (HORIZON-EIE-2022-CONNECT-02-01)

Deadline EoI: 29-04-2022 A German “next economy lab” is interested in joining consortia for projects that contribute to the sustainable transformation in Europe. They would like to contribute the many years expertise and skills of their interdisciplinary team, e.g. with participatory stakeholder workshops and coaching processes to develop sustainable solutions or qualitative research. Presently they target: Implementing co-funded action plans for interconnection of innovation ecosystems. Research cooperation is sought. More info [+]

Romanian company active in cybersecurity awareness training seeks to join project consortia for digital Europe calls (DIGITAL-2022-CYBER-02-SUPPORTHEALTH and DIGITAL-2022-TRAINING-02-SHORT-COURSES) under the 17 may deadline

Deadline EoI: 09-05-2022 A Romanian SME is active in the cybersecurity awareness training and educational solutions. The company’s products are suitable for public and private enterprises, as well as individuals and families. Aiming to expand its research and development activity, the firms seeks to join research consortia for two Digital Europe Calls (DIGITAL-2022-CYBER-02-SUPPORTHEALTH and DIGITAL-2022-TRAINING-02-SHORT-COURSES). More info [+]

Romanian developer of mobile applications for the edtech industry seeks to join consortium for digital Europe call - promoting european innovation in education (DIGITAL-2022-SKILLS-02-INNOVATE-EDU)

Deadline EoI: 09-05-2022 A Romanian company develops customised native mobile applications for the educational sector. They are interested in expanding their research and development activity and wish to join a consortium for the Digital Europe Call – Promoting European Innovation in Education (Call deadline: 17 May 2022). More info [+]

Portugese partner sought for collaboration in H2020 Maelstrom (marine litter sustainable removal and management) project

Deadline EoI: 17-06-2022 A dutch start-up has developed an innovative and validated solution for capturing plastic pollution in rivers and canals. As part of a large EU project (14 partners), which aims to implement innovative and sustainable technologies to intercept and remove litter from rivers and sea beds, the start-up is responsible for designing and implementing their solution in Portugal. They are urgently looking for a Portugese partner committed to act on plastic pollution to support the implementation. More info [+]

Eurostars – end-user or manufacturer of aluminium parts sought for a Eurostars project aiming at improving material performances thanks to clean micro-arc oxidation processes

Deadline EoI: 31-07-2022 A French SME specialised in micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coating allowing industrial aeronautical parts to reach high mechanical and chemical properties intends to adjust this REACH-compliant process to other sectors. The company is looking for a end-user partner to submit an Eurostars proposals aiming at adjusting the process to parts dedicated to other applications: Transportation, medical, hydraulics… More info [+]

Partners sought for Eurostars project: development of an ai system for the selection of relevant studies and the extraction of data for the registration of chemicals and products according to Reach.

Deadline EoI: 30-01-2023 A German start-up company specialized in AI research & application has teamed up with a contract laboratory, specialised in (ecotoxicological) assessment of nanomaterials in order to develop an AI tool for extracting information from documents in natural language (i.e. scientific publications or abstracts). In addition, an online database on ecotoxicological endpoints of nanomaterials shall be established. More info [+]

Innovation investments strand 1 e 2 - digit (I3-2021-INV1 E I3-2021-INV2) – italian SME is looking for partners for a consortium to deploy innovative solutions for businesses digitalisation and digital services

Deadline EoI: 30-09-2022 An Italian SME, a hydraulic valves manufacturer located in northern Italy, is looking for partners for an Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument (I3) grant application. Within the proposal, the company intends to pursue, with the help of other partners, two innovation projects related to digital export, methods and processes in the technical area. The partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement to participate in I3. More info [+]

French start up developing a CO2-FREE, on-demand, on-site solution to produce hydrogen from biomethane or natural gasinnovative is looking for research cooperation agreements for industrialisation

Deadline EoI: 30-09-2022 The French start-up has developped a new reactor technology to produce hydrogen and solid carbon from biomethane or natural gas. Using low energy plasma, the process is not only economical in electricity but also low-CAPEX and easily scalable thanks to its modular design. The company is looking for mid-size industrial original equipment manufacturer (OEM) capable of targeting this market and co-developing a complete solution integrating the innovative technological brick. More info [+]


Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

Información oficial sobre la estrategia española para canalizar los fondos destinados por Europa a reparar los daños provocados por la crisis del COVID-19 y, a través de reformas e inversiones, construir un futuro más sostenible Leer más [+]

Llamada conjunta España –Francia para presentación de proyectos de cooperación tecnológica internacional en el marco Eureka

El CDTI, entidad perteneciente al Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, y BPIfrance (el Banco de inversión pública francés), publican una Llamada conjunta para la presentación de Propuestas de Cooperación Tecnológica Internacional en el marco de proyectos de red Eureka. El periodo de presentación de propuestas comprende desde el 1 de febrero hasta el 15 de julio de 2022. Leer mas [+]



La Comisión Europea ha puesto recientemente a disposición de todo el público y empresas, un nuevo enlace dentro del Portal de Ayudas y contratación (Funding and Tenders Portal) que estará dedicado exclusivamente a convocatorias de financiación en cascada – Open Calls.

El objetivo es centralizar la información sobre este tipo de convocatorias cuyas beneficiarias son PYMEs, startups y mid-caps para el desarrollo y adopción de tecnologías y procesos innovadores en prácticamente todos los campos y sectores.

Dicho enlace es el siguiente: Search Funding & Tenders (


Abierta la Segunda Convocatoria DIGITbrain con hasta 97.000€ por proyecto para experimentos industriales de gemelo digital. Dirigida principalmente a PYMEs del sector fabricación en colaboración con proveedores de software o tecnología, el proyecto europeo DIGITbrain ha lanzado su segunda convocatoria, que estará abierta hasta el 31 de mayo de 2022 para financiar nuevos casos de uso industrial basados en la tecnología de gemelos digitales. Los experimentos pueden cubrir todos los segmentos del sector de fabricación, como fabricación discreta, producción continua o construcción. Existen multitud de opciones para utilizar la tecnología de gemelos digitales en la optimización de los procesos de negocio en manufacturing, como la gestión de la cadena de suministro, el mantenimiento predictivo o la mejora de la experiencia del cliente. Leer mas [+]


i4Trust es una iniciativa colaborativa que impulsa el desarrollo de servicios innovadores en torno a nuevas cadenas de valor basadas en datos que operen en múltiples sectores. Este proyecto está construyendo un ecosistema en el que las empresas puedan crear servicios innovadores mediante el intercambio, la reutilización y la comercialización de datos. Leer mas [+]


Infoday Ayudas para el Sector Aeroespacial

12 de mayo de 2022, Edificio Central, Parque Tecnológico de Álava, Miñano (Araba)

SPRI-Agencia Vasca de Desarrollo Empresarial, miembro del consorcio EEN Basque, colabora con HEGAN-Basque Aerospace Cluster y el CDTI- Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, en la organización de un Infoday sobre las oportunidades de financiación para el Sector Aeroespacial en el marco de Horizon Europe (Clean Aviation, SESAR3) y Ayudas Nacionales incluyendo el nuevo Plan Tecnológico Aeronáutico (PTA). Leer mas [+]

Plataforma de Resiliencia de la Cadena de Suministros (The Supply Chain Resilience Platform)

Los problemas en el comercio internacional, la pandemia mundial y la guerra en Ucrania han puesto a prueba las cadenas de suministro industriales que conocíamos hasta ahora. Para abordar estos desafíos, la Enterprise Europe Network ha lanzado la Plataforma de Cadena de Suministros Resiliente (The Supply Chain Resilience Platform). Leer mas [+]


10, 11 May 2022, online

Find your Korean R&D partners and Meet them at '2022 Korea Eureka Day' in Portugal! To facilitate and accelerate R&D cooperation between Korea and Eureka member countries, KIAT organizes the ‘Pre-Matchmaking event for 2022 Korea Eureka Day’ on 10th~11th May. Leer mas [+]

GreenTech Days 2022 - #greentechdays

May 10 - May 11, 2022, Hybrid, Vienna, Austria

At the GreenTech Days 2022, company representatives and experts from over 50 nations discuss and network on topics, projects and products in the field of environmental technology, renewable energies, energy efficiency and green building. Within the framework of numerous lectures, workshops, and panels you will experience virtual B2B zones and platforms to connect Austrian and international companies and stakeholders. Leer mas [+]

ISE Open Innovation Challenge 2022

10 – 18 de mayo de 2022, evento híbrido

SPRI colabora con ACCIÓ y la red Enterprise Europe Network en la organización de los Encuentros B2B "ISE Open Innovation Challenge 2022" que tendrán lugar en formato híbrido entre los días 10 y 18 de mayo en el marco del Congreso Internacional ISE 2022. Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), que se celebra en la Fira de Barcelona del 10 al 13 de mayo de 2022, es la exposición de integración de sistemas y AV líder en el mundo. Con el lema "Rise Up. Reimagine. Ignite the Future", en ISE 2022 participarán los principales proveedores de soluciones e innovadores de tecnología del mundo. Además, se presentarán conferencias, eventos y experiencias inspiradoras. Leer mas [+]

Encuentros Empresariales en BIONNALE 2022

Evento híbrido, 11 de mayo (presencial) y 12 de mayo (virtual) de 2022

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology en colaboración con la red Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) organiza unos Encuentros Empresariales B2B híbridos en el marco de BIONNALE 2021 que tendrán lugar los días 11 y 12 de mayo de 2022. Leer mas [+]

EU Missions Info days 2022 and Brokerage event

17, 18 y 19 de mayo de 2022, online

Los días 17 y 18 de mayo, la Comisión Europea organiza dos jornadas informativas sobre las Misiones de Horizonte Europa.
El evento online tiene como objetivo informar a los potenciales participantes sobre los nuevos temas/topics incluidos en el programa de trabajo de Misiones 2021- 2022 para las convocatorias 2022, que tiene prevista su publicación el 11 de mayo en el Funding and Tenders Portal. Leer mas [+]

Med2Meet 2022

18 de mayo 2022, online

Basque Enterprise Europe Network colabora en la organización del encuentro empresarial internacional Med2Meet. El evento del sector médico reúne a empresas, instituciones de I+D, inversores y otras partes interesadas de todo el mundo. Una oportunidad única para establecer nuevos contactos comerciales, intercambiar información y recopilar experiencia sobre las últimas tendencias del mercado en la industria de la tecnología médica. Leer mas [+]

Mind4Machines: Info Day Subvenciones 100% de proyectos de digitalización de la industria manufacturera

19 de mayo de 2022, online

MIND4MACHINES es un proyecto financiado por la Comisión Europea que tiene como objetivo acelerar la adopción en el mercado de soluciones para la transformación profunda de las industrias intensivas en energía/recursos en una fabricación inteligente, sostenible y climáticamente neutra, en el contexto del Pacto Verde Europeo. Leer mas [+]

Technology & Business Cooperation Days 2022

May 30 - Jun 2, 2022, Hybrid, Hannover, Germany

With the "Technology & Business Cooperation Days 2022" Enterprise Europe Network Niedersachsen will continue the great success of the 2021 virtual edition with more than 1.100 participants from 55 countries (213 from Germany), the support of more than 170 network partners and 10 other partners (e.g. NCP Energy, NCP Production, industrial and automotive cluster organisations,...). Leer mas [+]

International Aerospace Days Berlin 2022

June 22 - June 24, 2022, Hybrid, Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, Selchow, Germany

The matchmaking takes place during ILA Air Show 2022, focussing on Research, Innovation and Technology in the fields of aerospace, aviation, space and drone technology. Leer mas [+]


Celebrada con éxito la Jornada "Estrategia de apoyo a la participación de empresas vascas en Horizonte Europa"

El día 29 de abril, la consejera de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibildad y Medio Ambiente, Arantxa Tapia, participó, junto a doscientas empresas, en la jornada: "Estrategia de apoyo a la participación de empresas vascas en Horizonte Europa" organizada por el Gobierno Vasco en colaboración con SPRI, Innobasque y el consorcio EEN Basque. Leer más [+]

La Comisión Europea selecciona a Vitoria-Gasteiz y otras seis ciudades españolas para participar en una misión dirigida al desarrollo de ciudades climáticamente neutras

La Comisión ha anunciado las cien ciudades de la UE que participarán en la misión de la UE 'Cien ciudades inteligentes y climáticamente neutras de aquí a 2030', la llamada misión sobre las ciudades. Entre las ciudades seleccionadas se encuentran Vitoria-Gasteiz y otras seis ciudades españolas: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid y Zaragoza. Leer más [+]

Gobernanza de datos: nuevas normas que impulsan el intercambio de datos dentro de la UE

Los eurodiputados han respaldado una nueva legislación para aumentar la disponibilidad de datos para las empresas con el fin de estimular la innovación. Leer más [+]

Green Deal: Modernización de las normas de emisiones industriales de la UE

La Comisión ha presentado una propuestas para actualizar y modernizar la Directiva sobre emisiones industriales, para ayudar a prevenir y controlar la contaminación. Leer más [+]

Kohesio: base de datos de proyectos de la UE

La Comisión ha puesto en marcha «Kohesio», la nueva plataforma online que recopila información de millones de proyectos financiados con fondos de la UE; Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER), el Fondo de Cohesión y el Fondo Social Europeo (FSE). Leer más [+]

Propiedad intelectual e industrial: la Comisión impulsa la protección de los productos artesanales e industriales europeos en la UE y fuera de ella

La Comisión ha propuesto un primer marco para proteger la propiedad intelectual e industrial de los productos artesanales e industriales que se basan en la originalidad y autenticidad de las prácticas tradicionales de sus regiones. Leer más [+]

Legislación Europea


Directiva (UE) 2022/542 del Consejo, de 5 de abril de 2022, por la que se modifican las Directivas 2006/112/CE y (UE) 2020/285 en lo que respecta a los tipos del impuesto sobre el valor añadido. Leer más [+]


Reglamento de Ejecución (UE) 2022/547 de la Comisión, de 5 de abril de 2022, por el que se establece un derecho antidumping definitivo sobre las importaciones de polímeros superabsorbentes originarios de la República de Corea. Leer más [+]


Reglamento (UE) 2022/586 de la Comisión, de 8 de abril de 2022, por el que se modifica el anexo XIV del Reglamento (CE) n.o 1907/2006 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, relativo al registro, la evaluación, la autorización y la restricción de las sustancias y mezclas químicas (REACH). Leer más [+]

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