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Production of large precision appliances for construction of fuselages, large tracked and other vehicles


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Tue, Jun, 18, 2013


Wed, Jun, 04, 2014


Slovak SME developed effective, exact method of jigs production with vertical & rotary position for different types of product’s connections (MIG/laser welding, riveting, gluing) used by realization of large products as fuselages, bodies of tracked vehicles, buses, track boxes, technological vessels... Advantage is precision, dimensional stiffness, quickness of design, implementation. Company is looking for assembling company in engineering, automotive and aerial sector for future development.


Slovak research SME offers production of large precision jigs. Mentioned jigs are designed for realization of products as fuselages, bodies of tracked vehicles, buses, boxes of tracks, large and rugged technological vessels. Appliances are projected by 3D and certified as virtual prototype, from which is by technology of laser machining 2D and 3D produced 95% of fixed volume, including exact location of NC pre-processed joints. The methodology is effective, fast and exact. By assembly of products is possible to achieve high natural building accuracy with exclusion or minimum subsequent machining. The company was found in 1991 and has its own developing department that has long-term experiences in research in the field of aerospace, rail transport and utility vehicles.Innovative Aspects:Innovations:Compared with conventional solutions of building of large appliances, by this innovative procedure, welding is excluded or minimized which normally causes thermal distortion. Also no straightening, heat treatment, etc. is needed. New method at the same time minimizes cutting operation of functional areas. Advantages:The advantage is precision of the product, dimensional stiffness, quickness of design and implementation – incl. transportation, assembly and putting in place a long-term service. Positive economics, accurate delivery in the form of large units to the location of future production.

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Design and Modelling / Prototypes;Transport and Shipping Technologies;Aerospace Technology;Other Industrial Technologies

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Used general engineering know-how. Technology concept and design of the product is designed for customer specific product. Possible future reconstruction to other product. Part of the conceptual design is strength and stiffness calculation.

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Technical Centre/Technology transfer Centre

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Industrial Automation;Industrial Equipment and Machinery;Industrial Services;Transportation;Manufacturing

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Tracked vehicle manufacturing, production of aircraft (company is a member of EASA DOA), manufacture of equipment for the chemical industry columns, workshop of rugged containers and distribution and so on for various industrial purposes, power equipment, small boats, etc.

Collaboration Type

Joint further development


- Type of partner sought: industrial company or assembly company - Specific area of activity of the partner: active in supply of "turn-key" industrial technology resp. commercial-brokerage firm in engineering, automotive and aerial sector- Task to be performed by the partner sought: future development and testing in production

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