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Novel effervescent tablets - technologies to provide movement and action to effervescent tablets are sought


13 GB 4103 3SNP

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Mon, Jun, 10, 2013


Wed, Jan, 15, 2014


A UK company that is active in the development and manufacture of soft drinks is seeking technologies or methologies that will impart movement and visible activity to effervescent tablets when they are added to water and other liquids. The company has resources for further development. The solution may be in the form of a new ingredient or raw material, but may also be a physical or design solution. The type of collaboration may include a technical collaboration or license agreement.


Effervescent tablets are designed to break down when they are dropped into water or another liquid, releasing carbon dioxide in the process, generating a fizz or a froth as the tablet dissolves and releases its contents. Well-known in the health sector, effervescent tablets have also been used for the creation of effervescent flavoured drinks since the 1950s.A UK company is now looking to source technologies that can be combined with effervescent tablets to impart movement and/or action to the tablet as it dissolves in the liquid.Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:The company is specifically interested in the standard effervescent tablets that are widely available and used in products such as effervescent flavoured vitamin tablets. These tablets are frequently based on citric acid and bicarbonate. When these tablets are added to a glass of water they fall to the bottom of the glass and generate effervecsence but otherwise they do not move.The company is looking for technologies, raw materials or ingredients that can be added to or combined with a tablet so that rather than sinking to the bottom of the glass the tablet will visibly and rapidly move around the glass within the liquid as the tablet dissolves.The solution sought must be suitable for human consumption. It could be based on the use of new raw materials, ingredients etc or on the use of novel shapes and design.

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