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Sensing and fibre optic communications

WETMATE: 33kV Subsea Wet-Mateable Connector for Offshore Renewable Energy (Research for the benefit of SMEs)
A UK consortium is seeking to replace a partner for an already funded project to manufacture the sensor system monitor.

The objective of the project is to deliver a prototype 33kV hybrid wet-mate connector with a connectivity monitoring system that will serve as a future proof basis for all higher voltage connector technologies. This will lead to efficient power transmission and reduced installation and maintenance costs. Integrated remote sensing and monitoring will reduce the need for routine maintenance and intervention by divers, benefitting health, safety and affordability.

Partner sought: a SME (not UK or Norwegian) is required which could develop the underwater wireless communications between the sensor unit and the monitoring system.  This communications system is likely to be acoustic due to the underwater nature of the system. 

Deadline: as soon as possible

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