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Distributed Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Production Integrated via Telecommunication Infrastructure Yield (ICT-2013.6.1 Smart Energy Grids)

The DESTINY project stresses the importance of Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESSs) integrated into the smart grid concept. In order to fully exploit the potential of the DESSs, the DESTINY project proposes an intelligent management system for creation of opportunistic networks among energy storage resources which will secure reduction of the percentage of energy lost during energy distribution, reduction of the gap between energy produced and energy consumed, and reduction and shifting of peak loads. The intelligent management system relaying on the existing telecommunication infrastructure will provide new and immense DESSs business opportunities.

RTD partners with the following characteristics are searched:

Partner 1: energy utility providers preferably with an emphasis on renewable energy generation and distribution

Partner 2: service providers or facility managers for AEV (all electrical vehicles) charging stations

Partner 3: communication tower owners with large banks of UPS ( uninterruptible power supply)

Partner 4: PaaS cloud computing and data storage service providers

Partner 5: ITS (intelligent transportation system) and Car2Grid equipment manufacturers


Call: FP7-ICT-2013-11 call (Objective ICT-2013.6.1 Smart Energy Grids)

Deadline: 15 march

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