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La Red Basque Enterprise Europe Network pone a disposición de la PYME un servicio de búsqueda de socios en proyectos europeos.

  • Oferta de socios (método TOP-DOWN) En esta sección encontrarás ofertas de propuestas de Proyectos Europeos que buscan socios para sus propuestas de proyecto

  • Demanda de socios (método BOTTOM-UP) En esta sección podrás buscar socios para tu propuesta de proyectos, si necesitas un socio definido para tu proyecto sólo tienes que rellenar un formulario sencillo y podrás encontrar socios sin dificultades.
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[EUREKA/Eurostars2] Seeking partners to cooperate Tracking of Route Technology

Ámbito: EUREKA                  Topic: EUROSTARS2                  Fecha EoI: 14-08-2019

A Korean company is seeking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostar2 project proposal.Technology related to detection of vital signs and tracking the route with a use of Doppler Radar Sensor is on-going development, and the company is interested in technology adaptation from outside. Partners are sought for companies and research institute specialized in production of vital signs and Tracking of Route Technology.

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[EUREKA/Eurostars2]New drugs applicable on cancer, obese, diabetes, Alzheimer, brain disease, inflammation, and metabolic disease

Ámbito: EUREKA                    Topic: EUROSTARS2                   Fecha EoI: 14-08-2019

A Korean company, working on the development of treatments for terminal and chronic diseases, is looking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostars2 project proposal. The project is related to drugs, biological new medicine (therapeutic proteins, peptides, antibodies, gene treatment, immunology for cancer, immune cell therapy) technology. The company is seeking companies and research institute specialized in the cultivation of New drugs.

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[EUREKA/Eurostars2] A Korean SME is looking for partner for PV power forecasting and control with HDR(High Dynamic Range) cameras and Deep-learning Algorithm

Ámbito: EUREKA                     Topic: EUROSTARS2                    Fecha EoI: 14-08-2019

A Korean SME in the field of PV industry is seeking partners to cooperate in E.U/Korea Joint research program. The SME is planning to develop PV power yields improving technology with deep-learning network. The role of the partner in the project is to find test-bed site, set-up the test-bed, monitor the power yields, and commercialize this technology together in E.U. region.

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French BigData specialist is looking for academic and IT specialized companies to become partners for their H2020 "Big Data solutions for Energy" call proposal.

Ámbito: ICT                  Topic: H2020-DT-ICT-11-2019               Fecha EoI: 04-02-2019

French start-up specialized in Big Data solutions and data intelligence is looking for European partners to complete the building up of the consortium for the H2020 call Big Data Solutions For Energy DT-ICT-11-2019. Mainly searching for academic or R&D structures : University, R&D center, technology transfer centers. The consortium also needs IT architects and integrators, also software developers. But more generally the company would consider all propositions.

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H2020 LC-RUR-11-2019-2020: sustainable wood value chains: seeking cluster, industrial and R&D partners

Ámbito: Medio Ambiente   Topic: H2020 LC-RUR-11-2019-2020       Fecha EoI: 21-12-2018

A cluster of innovative SMEs, based in southern Italy, and a large university, working on sustainable Mediterranean buildings, are preparing a proposal for the call H2020 LC-RUR-11-2019-2020 to develop and test new technologies and environmentally friendly solutions using wood-based materials in (re)-construction and modernization of buildings. They look for other clusters and industrial/R&D partners to integrate complementary technologies and extend socio-economic / geographical coverage.

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French SME specialized in rapid detection of enzyme activities is looking for academia, industrial and end user partners to submit a project under H2020-CE-BIOTEC-05 call on environmentally friendly solutions for managing plastic mixture waste

Ámbito: Biotecnologia         Topic: H2020 CE-BIOTEC-05-2019       Fecha EoI: 20-12-2018

A French SME developing fluorogenic reagents for rapid detection of enzyme activities is looking for partners for a project under CE-BIOTEC-05 call "microorganism communities for plastic bio-degradation". The objective is to develop environmentally friendly solutions for managing the waste of plastics mixtures thanks to microorganisms. The French SME and their academic background organisation are looking for academia, industrial, end user (waste valorization) partners to complete the consortium

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