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A German research institute is looking for commercial, licensing and research partners for their innovative technologies for inhaled aerosol therapies



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Mon, Aug, 23, 2021


Sun, Aug, 21, 2022


A German institute for applied research, active in the field of translational biomedical engineering, has developed a novel inhalator platform with a breath triggered drug release system for (preterm) neonates, enabling highly efficient inhalative delivery of medication. The technology offer also includes a related test bench for characterising the new inhalator platform. The research institute is looking for partners under a research, licensing or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


One of the main disadvantages of inhalation therapy of (preterm) neonates during respiratory support is the low delivery efficiency. Due to the high breathing frequency, short inspiration time and low tidal volume of (preterm) neonates, there is currently no highly efficient breath-triggered drug release directly inside the patient interface (nasal prong) available. Therefore, the research institute developed a breath-triggered drug release system using a nasal prong with an integrated valve to increase the efficiency of inhaled aerosol. The abdominal wall movement during breathing serves as trigger signal for the breath-triggered release of pharmaceutical aerosols.

This system enhances aerosol delivery by at least a factor of 4 compared to non-triggered systems. It also allows targeted delivery of aerosol boluses at different inspiration times targeting different lung areas.

Furthermore, there are no suitable test methods on the market for performance testing of inhalers for the use in ventilated (preterm) neonates. In this context, the research institute, together with a well-known medical device manufacturer, has developed an appropriate test bench for the evaluation and characterisation of the new inhalator platform.

The institute is now looking for industrial partners for collaborations under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. In this context, the research institute is keen to collaborate with suitable companies in order to prepare the market entry of the presented innovations. They are looking to get in contact with companies who are capable of turning medical innovations from R&D-projects into market-ready products.
Additionally, the institute is offering the innovative technologies for licensing. Suitable partners could be experienced manufacturers or other SMEs from the field of medical devices.
Furthermore, they are keen to collaborate in joint research projects with suitable SMEs and R&D institutions in order to further develop the presented innovations. The cooperation partner should be an experienced research insitute which should preferably already be active in research regarding inhaled aerosols.

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Emergency medicine;Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine;Medical Research;Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering;Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs

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The institute applied for a german patent for both innovations, which was not granted yet.

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Drug delivery and other equipment;Pulmonary medicine;Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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The institute is looking for development partners from the medical sector that can bring the technology to the market. It is offering the developments and innovations to companies who are interested in extending their portfolio, thus gaining a competitive foothold with these pioneering innovations. The institute is looking for suitable partners who are willing to collaborate under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. In this context the research institute is interested in establishing long-term partnerships with suitable companies from the medical device industry in order to prepare the market entry of the presented innovations.

Additionally, the institute is offering the innovations for licensing. Possible licensing partners could be manufacturers or other companies who are already active in the field of aerosol therapies and are keen to sign a licensing agreement in order to commercialise the pioneering innovations.

In order to further develop the offered innovations, the research institution is also looking for suitable SMEs and R&D partners who are interested in a collaboration in the framework of application-oriented common research projects.

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