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Turkey based university is seeking industrial partners from composite, automotive, EVs, logistics sectors for its composite leaf spring system concept and its manufacturing process



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Mon, Aug, 23, 2021


Sun, Aug, 21, 2022


A Turkey based university has developed a new a composite leaf spring system for suspension systems of vehicles. It can be used for EVs, trucks, trails, military vehicles, train wagons where lightness, thermal loads and corrosion affects are important. The product can be easily applied and it is more durable than steel under heavy loads.
The university is seeking industrial partners from EVs, automotive, composite, logistics sectors under technical cooperation and licensing agreements.


Advanced suspension systems are preferred for safer and more comfortable driving of vehicles. Suspension systems provide the connection between the chassis and the wheels of the vehicles and dampen the vibrations originating from the road and reducing these forces not to transmit to the vehicle. Leaf spring suspension systems are common in heavy vehicles.

Leaf springs are designed to prevent the loads being transferred directly to the chassis of the vehicle during operation. In leaf springs generally used in heavy commercial vehicles, the relationship of the load with deflection is directly proportional. For this reason, the stiffness of the structure is fixed and does not change.

As an alternative to fixed stiffness leaf springs, there are dual rate composite leaf springs. One of the advantages of dual rate leaf springs is that it operates according to the level of the load on the vehicles. While it is not actively used in heavy commercial vehicles, it is a preferred leaf spring model in light commercial vehicles.

This composite leaf spring provides more durable suspension system under thermals load and corrosion, lighter vehicle mass, easy manufacturing and assembly process.

There are 3 leaf spring in the dual rate composite leaf spring design. The radius of the two leaf springs in the system is larger than the third. By changing the radius, it can be provided to suit the desired load and working conditions.

Leaf springs are generally exposed to vertical loads in terms of their function. However , when we consider factors such as road irregularity, leaf springs may be subject to lateral movement. In order to prevent the leaf springs from coming into contact with each other, a gap is given between them. This gap also causes the stones that can get in between them during the work to come out from other side. In vertically stacked dual rate leaf springs, factors such as stone may cause compression between two springs.

This suspension system can be utilized in different kinds of vehicles and areas such as:

- Light and heavy commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers, EVs

- Military personnel transport vehicles

- It is aimed to be used in train wagon suspension systems applications

The university is looking for industrial partnerships from manufacturing, composite, logistics, automotive, railway, military vehicles, electrical vehicles and heavy vehicles sectors under technical cooperation and licensing agreements.

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The university is seeking industrial partners from composite manufacturing, EVs, automotive, railway and military vehicles sector with an interest in customized applications. The University offers individual support to realize products and reliable solutions and prefers technical cooperation and licensing agreements.

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