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Cost-effective remineralisation of purified sea water that reduces corrosive effects on water infrastructure



Last update

Mon, Jan, 13, 2020


Mon, Jul, 13, 2020


A Singapore water technology startup has developed a process to quickly and cost-effectively remineralise purified water under controlled conditions. The process enriches purified water with calcium and magnesium, reducing its corrosive effects on water infrastructure.

The startup is seeking commercial or technical partnerships with SME of all sizes, MNEs (Multinational Enterprises) or government organisations.


In places that lack low-cost and reliable access to fresh water sources, purification of water from seawater is required to produce potable water. Reverse Osomosis (RO) for desalination seawater strips the water of minerals. Such poorly buffered water is aggressive to the infrastructure used for the storage and transport of water, as well as to plumbing systems, increasing costs required to maintain and replace these systems.

Purified water can be remineralised by blending the purified water with treated source water from seawater. However, this requires construction of additional pipe networks, provides less control over the final mineral content and ratio and leaves an undesirable salty and rusty taste in drinking water.

The technology developed by the Singapore startup is able to remineralise demineralised water with Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium and reduce corrosive effects on water infrastructure.

The startup is seeking commercial or technical cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes, MNEs or government organisations. The partner can engage the support and services of the Singapore startup for its own organisation or customers.

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Municipal Water Treatment;Drinking Water;Desalination

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The type of partner desired would be a government organisation or an SME of any size or MNE in the water treatment industry.

Interested types of partnerships include commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement where partner can engage the Singapore startup for its support and services,

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