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Italian software development company, focused on Earth observation, is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance



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Mon, Jan, 13, 2020


Sat, Jun, 27, 2020


This Italian software development company, founded in 2004, is specialized in advanced mission analysis. The company has experience in planning and in simulating tools for space applications, with particular focus in Earth Observation.
They are seeking potential partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Since 2004 the Italian company is a software development company specializing in advanced mission analysis, planning and simulation tools for space applications, with particular focus in Earth Observation.
The company is a key software supplier to main space companies. Its applications are used operationally in many running missions as well as entities like Copernicus and the International Charter of Space and Major Disasters.
The company off-the-shelf main product (a Multisatellite Swath Planner application) is a standard in the industry. It is a standalone application for quickly planning Earth observation Satellite sensing operations over selected Areas of Interest (AOI). By combining each satellite’s orbit, sensor field of view geometry and the shape and location of a user-defined AOI, it can determine the exact times when a satellite would be capable of observing the specified area.
The strong points are: top 3D interactive visualization, user friendliness, and high performance through extensive use of GPU calculation tasks.
Unique selling points: functionality, price, robustness, extensibility, user friendliness, fast learning and top visualization.
The company has implemented the product functionalities as web services, and would like to find customers willing to integrate those services in their web platforms for data ordering, catalogue, or tasking.
Moreover, the company is co-owner of a UK company that provides Earth Observation data find and access services to multiple satellite data providers. .
It has also won a public procurement recently, for the supply of Copernicus emergency tasking software and coverage planning analysis software.
The company is looking for partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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Analysis Risk Management;Satellite Technology/Positioning/Communication in GPS;Aerospace Technology;Satellite Navigation Systems

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The company is looking for partners available for commercial Agreement with technical assistance.
The company is also interested to find customers willing to incorporate its technology in their business logic, looking for long term deals, with delivery and continued maintenance renewals.
The company provides its main product as a workhorse application, aiming to integrate it in the customer production environment, in particular in satellite tasking, ordering, and catalogue access, through specific add-ons, bespoke developments, extensions, or any other procedure.

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