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An Israeli company offers to analyze the genome data in order to find new medications and new uses for existing medicine looking for a Joint-Venture/Technological cooperation agreement



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Mon, Jan, 13, 2020


Sun, Aug, 23, 2020


An Israeli company is seeking partners for joint-venture/technological cooperation agreements, who can provide large numbers of people/subjects on which research has been done containing genomes.
Subjects who had specific ailments/diseases are also of interest in order to analyze data through the developed program with the aim of rapidly discovering if-and-only-if rules that exist between the protein-coding gene and the disease. These rules can then point at possible medications.


This program, developed in Israel, can analyze data that contains up to 25,000 variables with an unlimited number of subjects observed. The program can find the rules even if some data is missing.

The company is looking for companies or non-profit organizations that have data sets that include the human genome and a disease.

Once the relations between the protein-coding gens and a certain disease will be revealed, the client and the partner will try to find a pharmaceutical company that will use it. The joint-venture / Technological cooperation partner would assist in the gathering of data for the database in order to allow the program to run.

The company has developed a machine learning algorithm that reveals if-and-only-if rules that explain the values of the dependent variable. One version of this algorithm analyzed data sets having up to 25,000 columns. This version is applicable for analyzing data sets of the human genome, where the program reveals the if-and-only-if rules that relate between protein-coding gens and certain diseases.

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Databases, Database Management, Data Mining;Genome Research;Bioinformatics

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This company is looking to partner with other companies or not-for-profit organizations that have genome data-sets ready for analysis.

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Medical genetic engineering applications;Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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This company is looking to partner with other companies or not-for-profit organizations that have genome data-sets ready for analysis. Once a partnership is established, this firm and the partner will collaborate with a pharmaceutical company that can use the revealed if-and-only-if rules to develop medications. The main role of the partner sought would be to provide data that can be used in order to find relationships between genetic sequences and certain ailments/diseases.

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