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Czech manufacturer of woven fabrics seeks industrial partners and R&D institutions to jointly develop novel woven technical textiles and products based on 3D and multi-axial technology



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Mon, Jan, 13, 2020


Mon, Jun, 22, 2020


A Czech trans-nationally active manufacturer of woven fabrics carries out development of 3D and multi-axial woven structures using state-of-the-art weaving technology for the production of demanding technical fabrics from a range of materials including carbon fibres. The company is looking for industrial partners and R&D institutions for joint development of novel technical textiles and products applicable in industries based on technical cooperation agreement.


A Czech company with a long-term experience in the production of woven fabrics carries out development of 3D and multi-axial woven structures for the production of sophisticated fabrics applicable in a wide spectrum of industries. The company possesses state-of-the-art weaving technology and uses its own laboratory facilities. It actively collaborates with research institutes and universities, thanks to that it has a direct influence on the modification of existing solutions.

Woven structures include:

3D woven structures
• Distant fabrics - two- and multilayer fabrics are woven in one step. Each of these layers is joined by individual threads or the column is in-weaved which guarantees the distance characteristics of the fabric. In addition, the threads or columns can be transposed so that they are not above one another in the entire width of the fabric.

• Tubular fabrics - The tubes can be drawn in a straight, longitudinal, transverse or any diagonal direction. They can take the form of a circle, loops, spirals, depending on the application's request.

• Profiles - profiles are unique in their complexity. Each "lamella" is firmly joined in one unit due to the interconnection of the threads. There are no glued joints so de-lamination of the structure when exposed to stress is impossible, this is a one piece structure.

Multi-axial woven structures

• Multi-axial reinforcements - in order to achieve better results in multi-axial stress, a different angle fabric layering method is used. Thanks to multi-axial weaving, the layer can be directly integrated into the base fabric to create "diagonals" of different angles in the area. By adding a multi-axial layer, there will be no "double" weight increase in addition compactness of the fabric is increased. Using a suitable sleeve, combination of different materials is possible.

• Locally reinforced fabrics – multi-axial addition of a further set of threads at different angles may not be homogeneous in the area. The reinforcement layer can be located in places that will be more stressed (in joint locations when copying the shape of the flanges; no further thread system will be added at the fabric cutting point). Combination of different materials is obvious.

• Conductive tracks and electromagnetic shielding - heating or electromagnetic shielding, which can be achieved by means of warp and weft, can suitably be complemented with a multi-axial layer. This layer can be placed across the width of the fabric, or just locally to copy a particular shape. Thanks to the machine design, these tracks can be made from various conductive and non-conductive materials.

Ballistic protection – the company´s focus also includes the segment of protecting people and property. For these applications the most efficient are aramid fibres which are appropriately woven into a "spatial" structure. By particular layering and spatial arrangement, an increase in ballistic resistance is achieved.

The working width of the 3D technology is up to 180 cm, the multi-axial one up to 210 cm. Jacquard technology enables unlimited possibilities of patterning of both flat and 3D spatial structures. Multi-axial technology allows the achievement of multi-axial reinforcement and the application of embroidered effects in one step during the weaving process. This system can also be used for functional creation of conducting tracks, local reinforcements and for getting new utility properties by combining different materials. A number of materials as cotton, viscose, PES, carbon, basalt, aramid are processed. The ways of processing depend on specific applications.

Technical cooperation agreement is suggested to co-develop novel technical textiles and products for industries.

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Building Materials, Components and Methods;Advanced Textile Materials;Aircraft;Woven technical textiles for industrial applications;Radiation Protection

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The searched partner is expected to be able either to co-develop a complex solution (the complete development of a particular end-product starting with the choice of the material supplier through the composition of the developed product or its parts) or to make just partial steps (in particular composite manufacturers).

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Industrial SMEs - automotive, aerospace, chemical, electric, machine industry, defence industry, building industry, technical fabrics and clothing textiles industry.
R&D institutions, university institutes.

Joint development of novel technical textiles and products either as a complex solution or as partial steps. Any reasonable outcome will be protected by a utility model, patent, or other form of intellectual property protection.

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