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Software and hardware partners sought for further development of a brain activity capture system to be integrated into a variety of applications



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Tue, Jul, 23, 2019


Sun, Jul, 12, 2020


A Midlands based UK company specialising in neuroscience for the sport and fitness sector is seeking hardware developers to aid with the development of a brain activity sensor system which uses electroencephalography (EEG) to track brain signals during a variety of activities. The company is also seeking software developers to develop an application which can take data from the hardware system and present it to a user/s mobile device. Technical cooperation agreements are envisaged.


Over the last 12 months the company has invested considerable time and money into the development of the key technology behind the product.

They are in partnership with a leading UK university where they have conducted user trials and developed a series of key markers and predictors which allow them to accurately track how a person performs during exercise and how exercise effects their state of mind.

They track ground-breaking sports performance metrics such as stress, mood, concentration, exertion, fatigue and more. The ability to track these performance metrics during exercise is completely novel and has not been seen previously in a sports environment. Via the supporting software/app, the user tracks their performance and progress and gains an in-depth analysis of their brain during exercise.

The technology developed to date is also able to predict performance level before exercise commences, based on the state of mind of the user. This, paired with neuro-feedback training techniques, allows the user to actively enhance their performance.

The company now seeks technical cooperation in the development of hardware and software prototypes which can be used as demonstrators to potential partners who are looking to integrate the new technology into their products.

They are looking for partners who can help them build and complete this system which can be integrated into multiple industries.

This system comprises of a “capture system” responsible for the capture and transmission of EEG data and a “display system” which is responsible for relaying data and information back to the user.

Whilst they know the principle components of both systems, they do not have the expertise within their team to carry out the development work.

There are three components to the overall system:

The first is the hardware ”capture system”.

The second part is in the middle, the algorithm which has already been developed.

The third part is the end software ”display system” for displaying results via a mobile app.

The client is now looking for technical cooperation for the front and back end of the system to create a complete system which fully integrates with their developed algorithm.

Hardware partners via a technical cooperation agreement are sought specialising in one or more areas from the list below: They can share examples of the type of system which is required but in principle the components are:
• PCB polychlorinated biphenyls
• electroencephalography EEG electrodes/sensors
• processor
• amplifier
• wireless/bluetooth
• battery

Software partners via a technical cooperation agreement are also needed specialising in one or more areas from the list below:

Again, they can share examples but the principle functions/components are listed here:
• bluetooth
• iOS/android/web
• display data

Technology Keywords

Neurology, Brain Research;Sensors & Wireless products;Health information management;Remote diagnostics

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Hardware partners specialising in one or more of the areas below which are needed to build this new system: • PCB polychlorinated biphenyls • electroencephalography EEG electrodes/sensors • processor • amplifier • wireless/bluetooth • battery Software partners who can assist them with how the hardware will function and interact with users using the desired features below: • bluetooth • iOS/android/web • display data

Detailed Market Application Codes (VEIC)

MA Keyword

Electromedical and medical equipment;Monitoring equipment;Computer-aided diagnosis and therapy;Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Collaboration Type


Hardware and software partners can be from industry, academia or research organisations.

Working in collaboration, the desired partners will collectively develop a system which can record brain activity during a variety of activities and display results in a user friendly format via a mobile app.

Hardware partners: to aid with the development of an EEG capture system to be integrated into a number of applications.
Specific areas of expertise which are desirable but not essential;
- sensor development,
- electroencephalography EEG,
- photoplethysmography PPG,
- processors,
- amplifiers,
- PCB polychlorinated biphenyls
- Bluetooth,
- mobile integration.

Software partners: Development of software which can be integrated with their algorithms and hardware. Specific areas of expertise which are desirable but not essential;
- iOS,
- android,
- API,
- bluetooth,
- firmware,
- electroencephalograph (EEG) processing,
- user experience UX design.

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