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New split core current transformer sensor for energy efficiency and differential transformer for earth leakageresearch



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Mon, Apr, 03, 2017


Sat, Mar, 31, 2018


A French mid-size company developing and producing electromagnetic sensors and passive components for power conversion has developed a new generation of split core current transformers particularly suitable for energy efficiency applications as well as for earth leakage search and protection.
Integrators in energy efficiency and/or protection are sought for commercial agreement with technical support or technical cooperation agreement.


This company is organised like an SME but belongs to a medium size group and is developing electromagnetic industrial products such as power conversion systems, current measure and protection systems.

The last development concerns a new generation of split core sensor which can be highly customized according to the final use.
The current sensors have a better accuracy than current product existing on the market, are easy to install thanks to their geometry and can communicate with the meter.
Differential sensors can be adapted to the controller and present the best sensitivity at low frequency than any other similar product in the market ensuring a high efficiency in defect research.

These sensors are ideally suited for their application and they can be customized to be incorporated in devices controlling or monitoring the energy use of various larger systems.

The company is now looking for integrators specifically working in the energy efficiency sector and/or earth leakage protection or Defect research to co-operate in customizing those sensors to their needs.

This cooperation could be either through a commercial agreement with technical specifications where the company would develop and deliver ad-hoc devices corresponding to the required needs. Maintenance and training would also be provided.

Alternatively a technical cooperation could also be of interest where both partners co-develop specific sensors according to new needs.

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Magnetic and superconductor materials/devices;Apparatus Engineering;Energy management;Electronic measurement systems

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Other electronics related equipment;Energy for private/domestic housing;Energy for Industry;Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Industrial partner : Integrator of energy efficiency solutions

Role :
1° Commercial agreement with technical assistance : To provide its own specifications and then to integrate the sensors in its energy monitoring system or defect analyser or earth leakage controller.

2° Technical cooperation : to co-develop with the company new sensors for new specific needs (new technical sectors/new markets)

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