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PS H2020 Reflective Societies: Platform for management of cultural and historical heritage

Ref. RDIT20140530001 An Italian research centre together with a cultural foundation are proposing a project to be submitted within Reflective-6-2015 Call of H2020. The objective of the project is the creation of a physical and virtual platform, based on the knowledge of the cultural and historical heritage of European countries, allowing citizens to co-produce knowledge. An online portal will be created, based on participatory Geographic Information System (GIS), allowing users to share data and information that will contain specific archaeological database with the heritage of a specific period, maps with GIS technologies and data sheets for all the archaeological sites, integrated with other territorial data, social networks and related links on the web.

The group is looking for:

- associations/foundations involved in the promotion of cultural heritage (role primarily related to promotion of cultural heritage in a specific territory and manager/data validator);

- research centres/universities/technical partners (with whom to define contents and possible applications to be adapted to local needs).

Deadline for submitting the proposal: April 2015.

Deadline for Partner Requests: 31 January 2015.

More information: