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A system of automated and unobtrusive sensors to monitor functional-health parameters

Ref RDSI20140725001  A Slovenian university as lead partner in consortium is looking for candidate partners, specifically a telecom partner for the call H2020 PHC-25-2015 to develop secure services of personal health data, medical centres, public health and social services. The consortium aims to develop a system of unobtrusive sensors which enable on-line monitoring and supervising of health parameters  and can be installed in different environments. A system of unobtrusive sensors installed in home environments opens a new paradigm in continuous monitoring and supervision by on-line streaming the persons’ functional-health parameters to a server database. Further research is to be done for increased robustness, and industrial prototypes and medical application developed. The system needs further medical, healthcare, and social verification and validation.


A telecom partner is sought to develop secure services for transferring, storing, retrieving, and remote control of personal health data, and medical centres and public health and social services to advise and test the system under development.

Proposal Deadline: 21/4/2015

Deadline for Partner Requests: 21/3/2015 

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