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PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Recovery of yttrium and europium compounds from WEEE

Ref: RDPL20140801001 A Polish R&D organization involved in research, development and experimental activities within the framework of an implementation of mechanization and automation into the industry, construction, rock mining and waste management is looking for partners for H2020-WASTE-2015 call. The project will demonstrate the new possibilities of using WEEE as an important source of raw materials.

To create a consortium the Polish institute is looking for research and industry partners with experience in the field of:

- waste separation technology (waste containing the compounds of yttrium and europium from WEEE products other than CRT kinescopes, eg. used light sources),

- technology of recovery of the yttrium and europium from waste equipment (as concentrate),

- concentrate purification technology towards re-use of recovered compounds of yttrium and europium in the production of photo-luminescent.

The planned call is: WASTE: A RESOURCE TO RECYCLE, REUSE AND RECOVER RAW MATERIALS -  H2020-WASTE-2015-two-stage, planned opening date: 10-12-2014, deadline date: 21-04-2015, stage 2: 08-09-2015. Budget: €54,000,000, main pillar: Societal Challenges.


Deadline for Partner Requests: 31 Dec 2014.


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