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La Red Basque Enterprise Europe Network pone a disposición de la PYME un servicio de búsqueda de socios en proyectos europeos.

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EUREKA/Eurostars: agriculture company that provides post-harvest services or post-harvest treatments

Topic: EUROSTARS2              Fecha límite EoI: 01-01-2018

A Spanish SME working in the agro sector wants to extend the applications of its newly developed whey based sanitizing formula to other fruits and vegetables. Previous results in tomato, lettuce and spinach have been very positive. This natural formula prevents the use of chlorine-based solutions that have restriction by EU regulations. The plan is to apply to the Eurostars call in 2018 (next call March 2018).

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EUROSTARS - Looking for pharmaceutical SMEs specialized in the development of innovative pain treatments

Topic: EUROSTARS2              Fecha límite EoI: 31-01-2018

The unit of Development Genetics of Brussels-based University is looking to identify suitable SMEs committed to innovation in pain treatments for a joint Eurostars application. The unit seeks to assess the application potential of its research in this field. As the project coordinator, the role of the partner sought will be to provide expertise in drug discovery as well as industrial guidance.

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A French SME looking for trucks and passenger cars manufacturers to develop a combustion engine based on heat recovery technology reducing energy consumption

Topic: H2020-LC-GV-04-2019           Fecha límite EoI: 01-02-2018

A high-performance French SME operates in the sector of intelligent energy applied to automotive, transport and logistics. In response to the H2020 "LC-GV-04-2019: Low-emissions propulsion for long-distance trucks and coaches" the coordinator of the project is seeking partners to integrate a heat to power recovery technology reducing energy consumption on an vehicle through a research cooperation agreement. Partners sought are trucks and passenger cars manufacturers.

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Eurostars2 Project: Development of cloud based English negotiation learning platform

Topic: EUROSTARS2              Fecha límite EoI: 01-02-2018       

A South-Korean SME is looking for R&D partners to develop a software program which deals with training and consulting business negotiation in English. The proposal will be submitted in the Eurostars2 call (deadline 1st March 2018) and is looking for partners to work on the e-learning system as well as negotiation document management system and develop the business model for commercialization of the service.

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EUREKA/Eurostars: pain killer drug specialists sought to use a new ICT technology for the empowered management of chronic pain treatment

Topic: EUROSTARS2        Fecha límite EoI: 31-12-2017

A spanish SME that works on self-management and monitoring medical tools  is looking to present a Eurostars project. They look for specialists in pain killer drugs used to treat chronic pain, to use ICT technology to help patients automatically track dosage of pain relievers in order to facilitate chronic pain self-management as well as supervision by doctors to avoid abuse and detect variability in the patient circumstances. The plan is to apply to the Eurostars 2018 first call (March 2018).

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Clinical research institute sought for Eurostars project

Fecha límite EoI: 28-11-2017   

A German company specialised in measurement and sensor technology is looking for a clinical research center to join a Eurostars project.The project aims at developing a standardized method (and prototype) for non-invasive blood pressure measurement instruments in order to monitor patients data in a systematic and more reliable manner. The partner sought should have experiences with cardiovascular diseases and will be in charge of developing a framework for clinical parameters and patients needs.

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