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La Red Basque Enterprise Europe Network pone a disposición de la PYME un servicio de búsqueda de socios en proyectos europeos.

  • Oferta de socios (método TOP-DOWN) En esta sección encontrarás ofertas de propuestas de Proyectos Europeos que buscan socios para sus propuestas de proyecto

  • Demanda de socios (método BOTTOM-UP) En esta sección podrás buscar socios para tu propuesta de proyectos, si necesitas un socio definido para tu proyecto sólo tienes que rellenar un formulario sencillo y podrás encontrar socios sin dificultades.
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[Eurostars2] Stem cells, research materials and cellular therapeutics

Topic: EUROSTARS2            Fecha límite EoI: 01-02-2018

The Korean SME business area covers providing research material supplies, service and developing stem cell therapy. The Korean SME focuses on new inventions and the development of new products and treatment strategies in regenerative medicine. The company seeks partners for Eurostars2 to work together towards this common purpose.

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A Greek university would like to cooperate with companies who are interested to host post-graduate researchers for semestrial training under funded Erasmus+ project (EU programme for Education, Training , Youth and Sport 2014-2020)

Topic: ERASMUS+                   Fecha límite EoI: 22-01-2018

A university and a research centre in Greece are looking for companies to host researchers of a post-graduate programme on bio-entrepreneurship for training under a funded ERASMUS+ project. The companies should have expertise in research in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics diagnostics or food. Students should be hosted by the research & development or marketing/business planning departments. Trainee costs will be covered by the project.

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[EUROSTARS2] A Korean company specializing in compound semiconductor substrates and templates is seeking a partner to integrate UV LEDs or power electronic devices on their templates

Topic: EUROSTARS2            Fecha límite EoI: 20-02-2018

A maker of compound semiconductor substrate (supporting material) and template (thin layer) based on nitride semiconductors such as Gallium Nitride(GaN) and Aluminium Nitride(AlN) composition grown by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) for ultra-high brightness (UHB) or high brightness (HB) LED and power electronics applications is looking for a R&D partner for Eurostars in 2018. The partner should be able to integrate the structure of Ultraviolet LEDs or power electronic devices on the template.

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H2020-SFS-16-2018: Development of monitoring device for food safety and nutritional quality

Topic: H2020-SFS-16-2018          Fecha límite EoI: 15-01-2018

A Cyprus company specializing in sensors, is looking for:

  • Universities, research organizations for new antibody development
  • Food production, distribution businesses, pesticide free farmers, food laboratories for sample acquisition and testing

to develop and commercialize an innovative device to measure the levels of indicators of food safety and quality such as pesticides, nutrients, preservatives or growth hormones for a proposal in the "Towards healthier and sustainable food" call.

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H2020 - NMBP-20-2018: Software house required to design and build a digital platform that will enhance the ability of EU welding equipment companies to provide consumables of the highest quality

Topic: H2020 - NMBP-20-2018            Fecha límite EoI: 22-02-2018

An East of England based research centre is developing a proposal for the H2020 - NMBP-20-2018. The project aims to develop a digital platform that will enhance the capability and capacity of EU manufacturers and suppliers of welding equipment to provide consumables of the highest quality. This will boost the global market competitiveness of European welding equipment manufacturers. They require a software house who will be required to design and build the digital platform.

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Erasmus Mundus proposal : A consortium of 4 universities is looking for partners (companies, NGO's, etc) in the field of paleontology/geology

Topic: ERASMUS+            Fecha límite EoI: 28-02-2018

Four Universities have decided to join forces and offer the first joint Master programme in paleontology/geology. The consortium is actually looking for private/public international partners (companies, NGO's, NPO's, etc.) with strong expertise in fields such as petroleum exploration, drilling, scientific journalism, cultural tourism and environmental companies (impact assessment) to welcome master students for internships, to give courses for the Master or to give their financial support.

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